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My first proper cooking video has been completed and let’s be honest, Jamie Oliver’s job is probably safe.

Which isn’t to say it wasn’t a success – I’m quite happy with the way I managed to learn and apply new skills and it’s pretty good for a first time.

This supports something I’m quote passionate about; that the idea that senior workers are somehow technophobic is, in my experience, just plain wrong.

I’ve just done my first video project using Adobe Premiere Pro and it wasn’t particularly difficult.

In the communications game, social media is key and almost everyone needs workers who can use Adobe tools like Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign.

I’m learning them by actually using them, and the video editing software suite, Premiere Pro was my first port of call.

Having been a radio journalist much of my career, I’ve been using Adobe Audition for years, and the basic editing skills from that are easily applied to the video editor so the transition was reasonably straightforward.

I know the need to keep upping our skills is real, but there’s no reason it needs to be a grind. You can usually have some fun along the way, and that’s what I did with this video project.

For those of you familiar with the insanely great Australian YouTube cooking sensation “Nat’s What I Reckon”, you can see where my inspiration came from. Fair warning, if you watch his stuff, be aware that like many of us in this wide brown land, he uses swearing as if it’s punctuation.

What I really learned while doing this project was not simply technical skills, but the importance of forward planning, logical thinking and perhaps most importantly, not overthinking things.

Sometimes you just have to move forward and just get things done and worry about how it will look later. In Hollywood I believe this is called “We’ll fix it in post-production”.

The finished predict is not, I will admit, Martin Scorsese level cinematic brilliance, but it gets the job done. I admit I threw everything but the kitchen sink at it.

It has different kinds of transitions, a music bed, voiceover, time-lapse photography, an animated title, colour grading and an attempt at having my ingredients appear on the bench when I clap only slightly let down when I forgot I was wearing glasses in one shot, but not in the other.

This is called learning through experience. I doubt I’ll make THAT mistake again!

I’ve already started a second cooking project using Spark, which is an Adobe tool that lets you do fairly simple videos using just your phone.

Later I’ll be moving on to Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. Adobe has plenty of resources for helping you learn their tools, plus YouTube has absolutely hundreds of instructional videos on all aspects of using the Adobe suite.

So, for anyone who thinks people like me are only good for using rotary phones, Filofaxes, or rewinding cassette tapes with a pencil, think again!