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I know, I know, all those people who keep saying “It’ll all work out fine, just do what I did and you’ll land a job no problems” annoy the hell out of me too.

It’s not easy, it’s never been easy, I doubt it’ll ever be easy.

And I’ll admit I’ve not exactly had it all my own way, despite doing everything I’ve been told to do.

Go back to university and upskill.

Done – master’s in strategic communications management thank you very much.

Use LinkedIn to network and sell yourself


Update your CV and use key selection criteria words in it to get pass the computer programs that screen applications.

Done. Also, still not happy I have to play the Turing Test with computer programs, but such is the “Black Mirror” episode we find ourselves living in today.

And for quite a while, I was getting nothing back beyond the usual “very high quality of candidates … very competitive environment … regret to inform you that on this occasion your application has been unsuccessful”.

And you die a little inside each time.

But do you know what?

It’s actually starting to work for me!

In the last two weeks I have had three job interviews, and phone inquiries from two recruitment companies who wanted to know if I might be interested in some openings they thought I would be suitable for!

One thing everyone has mentioned as one of the reasons I am now meeting with a much more positive response is my website,

My weekly blog posts (like this one), published on the website and cross posted to LinkedIn, have been warmly regarded by recruiters who tell me they achieve several things.

First, it shows I am serious and thoughtful about writing, communications and keeping active – I’m not just lying on the couch on my pajamas, surrounded by potato chip fragments, watching “Squid Game” on Netflix and waiting for a Comms Manager job to drop into my lap.

Second, it shows I can do basic web design, and that’s no bad skill these days.

And third, they show off my own writing style which I like to think tends to be warm, human, easy and attractive to read and capable of making a serious point with bit of a twinkle in the eye.

So, I guess all I can say is keep at it, do the sort of things you need to, be yourself and maybe get your own website.

It seems to have worked for me!