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I don’t know about you, but I’m well and truly over this pandemic.

Actually, I suspect I DO know about you – as the irritating slogan goes, “we’re all in this together” and that goes for the side effects from constant lockdowns.

I imagine my habit of taking naps in the middle of the day from sheer mental exhaustion is not exactly unique.

We all feel like the “Before” photo in an ad for vitamins, asking “Are you, tired, run down, listless and lacking in energy”?

In a word, yes.

But it’s going to take more than a pill to fix this combination of ennui and déjà vu, in which time increasingly has no meaning.

Help, we’re all trapped in a bad existentialist French novel (is there any other kind?)

I’m not saying that demoting Pluto from a planet angered the Roman God of death, but [gestures at everything].

Blaming someone else is always a fun activity I suppose.

Here in the Australian state of Victoria we have the premier, Dan Andrews, and his pandemic press conferences have provided endless entertainment value for You Tubers with advanced audio and video editing skills and way too much time on their hands.

Which, admittedly, is all of them right now.

But if you ask yourself if you’d have made significantly different decisions, the answer tends to be “not really I suppose”, which is depressing.

I cope by cooking and baking.

My partner sometimes gently suggests that I make too much delicious food and we’re both going to get fat at this rate.

My standard response is that some husbands might cope with stress by coming home drunk from the pub, cheating on her, or spending the household budget on lotto tickets, so maybe on the scale of possible offences one can commit when in a relationship my transgressions are towards the lower end.

I also have a personal trainer, and we have two one-hour sessions each week via a video call.

Without the benefit from that regular exercise, I’d probably look like the Michelin Man by now.

My point (and I vaguely remember having one when I started) is that we’re all human, we’re all pretty stressed right now and it’s okay to do whatever you need to do to cope.

Next week I’ll be back, talking about communications and engagement plans and all that good looking for work, business-oriented, showing off my comms skills stuff, but right now I just wanted to say to everyone “Hi, my name is Bruce and I’m sick and tired of” [gestures at everything].

And just to give you something fun, here’s my own take on homemade Bounty Bars!

1 tin of condensed milk, 1 packet of shredded coconut, juice and zest of either one or two limes, depending on whether you want a cool, juicy hint of the tropics or a tangy citrus punch in the face.

Mix together, roll into balls or bars, put on a sheet lined with baking paper, freeze overnight.

Melt some dark chocolate, dip the frozen bars in it, wait until chocolate is set.

Eat. Let me know how you get on.